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The Itinerary of a Breakfast by J.H. Kellogg M.D.

The Itinerary of a Breakfast by J.H. Kellogg M.D.

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Breakfast. Some of us eat this meal while others skip it. Some of us sit down while others eat on the run. But how many people really know what happens to their food once it slips down their throats?

Itinerary of a Breakfast gives a "popular account of the travels of a breakfast through the food tube and of the ten gates and several stations through which it passes, also the obstacles which it sometimes meets." Authored by the creator of the corn flake and namesake of some of our most popular breakfast cereals, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg describes in detail each process of the digestive system from swallow to excretion.

Kellogg believed that the colon was the source of more disease and physical suffering than any other organ of the body. Many people avoid delving into such a topic due to its negative connotations. However, Kellogg devoted much time in studying the colon; learning how it becomes ineffective and how to remedy such a condition.

This facsimile, once groundbreaking material, now provides a layman's handbook to the inner workings of the digestive system and presents dietary and lifestyle tips to help maintain a healthy colon and way of life.

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