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Carob powder, also called carob flour, is a cocoa powder alternative.

It’s made from dried, roasted carob tree pods and looks a lot like cocoa powder. Carob powder is often used as a natural sweetener in baked goods. It’s sweet and has a unique taste.

Carob powder contains virtually no fat.

 if you substitute carob powder for chocolate chips, you’ll save on fat and calories.One cup of carob powder has 51 grams of sugar and less than 1 gram of fat. One cup, of some brands of semi sweet chocolate chips, has 92 grams of sugar and 50 grams of fat.

Carob powder contains no sodium. It’s a great option for people following a low-sodium diet.

Calcium is a mineral. It’s important for bone health. It also helps your heart, nerves, and muscles function well. Two tablespoons of carob powder have 42 mg of calcium, or 4 percent of the RDA.

Cocoa contains oxalates, compounds that reduce your body’s ability to absorb calcium. A diet high in oxalates also increases your risk of developing kidney stones. Carob powder contains no oxalates.

Two tablespoons of carob powder have almost 5 grams of fiber, over 20 percent of the RDA. Fiber helps:

  • you stay fuller longer to help you eat less
  • prevent constipation
  • maintain healthy bowels
  • control your blood sugar
  • lower your cholesterol

A 2010 study found that the antioxidant polyphenols in carob insoluble fiber lowered total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol in people with high cholesterol.

In 2 tablespoons of carob powder, there is:

Iron 0.35 mg
Magnesium 6 mg
Potassium 99 mg
Riboflavin 0.055 mg
Niacin 0.228 mg

Carob is naturally Gluten-free.

Helps relieves diarrhea.


Good source of antioxidants

According to a 2003 study, carob fiber is a rich source of polyphenol antioxidants. The study identified 24 polyphenol compounds in carob fiber, mainly gallic acid and flavonoids. Both gallic acid and flavonoids have been shown to reduce oxidative stress.

Gallic acid has also been found to scavenge free radicals and kill cancer cells. Research has shown that flavonoids have anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antidiabetic, and neuroprotective abilities.

Free of tyramine

Tyramine is a byproduct of tyrosine, an amino acid. According to the National Headache Foundation, foods that contain tyramine may trigger migraine headaches. Since chocolate contains tyramine, it’s not recommended for people who get migraines. Carob doesn’t contain tyramine and is considered safe to eat if you get migraines.

Carob powder is a healthy alternative to cocoa powder, although minimally processed cocoa powder has some health benefits of its own. Since carob powder is naturally sweet, there’s no need to add sugar or other sweeteners when using it in your favorite recipes. Carob powder is generally considered safe to eat. Pregnant women should not consume carob in large quantities.
If you have pets and worry about them eating chocolate, here’s a fun fact. Carob powder is Fido-friendly. It doesn’t contain high levels of theobromine, a compound that is toxic to dogs and cats in large quantities. Many dog treats are made with carob powder. There’s no need to panic if your dog or cat gets into your stash.
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