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Liver Detox Energize Your Life by Rhody Lake

Liver Detox Energize Your Life by Rhody Lake

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A healthy liver is essential for preventing a host of chronic and degenerative diseases. Environmental toxins and other harmful substances, such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and food additives, can overburden the liver and prevent it from working at peak efficiency. Fortunately, optimum liver function can be restored, resulting in improved mental alertness and increased energy.

In this abridged version of her seminal book Liver Cleansing Handbook, author Rhody Lake explains safe ways to eliminate toxins from the body, which foods and herbs support a healthy liver, and the beneficial role of probiotics.
Included are tips for designing a liver-cleansing menu to promote daily detoxification, a one-day liver cleanse for deeper detoxifying, and a few easy, delicious, liver-friendly recipes.

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