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Juice Fasting & Detoxification

Juice Fasting & Detoxification

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By Steve Meyerowitz

The human body has an incredible capacity for healing and longevity. Fasting and juice therapy revamp your health from the inside out. Steve Meyerowitz provides a succinct guide to using juice fasting as an "Elixir of Life" to give your body the well-deserved vacation it needs to repair itself. Increase energy, improve mental alertness, heal chronic ailments without drugs, lose weight without the hassle of diets, maintain stamina without hunger, and make quick and delicious juice recipes.

Fasting is self-healing and simple. Sections include fasting on raw fruit and vegetable juices, water, detoxification, weight loss techniques, fasting while working, juice recipes, exercises, and how to come off a fast safely.

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