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Food Allergy Survival Guide / Melina, Vesanto, MS, RD & Stepaniak, MSE

Food Allergy Survival Guide / Melina, Vesanto, MS, RD & Stepaniak, MSE

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This comprehensive resource, created by three leading authorities in dietetics, nutrition, and vegetarian cooking, offers a unique blend of scientific research, practical advice, and culinary expertise that will show you how to: know the difference between food allergy, food intolerance and food sensitivity; test for allergies; avoid the foods and ingredients that trigger reactions; maintain a healthy intestinal boundary; understand the latest food labeling regulations; and create menus that meet your nutritional requirements. More than 100 recipes by uncheese specialist Jo Stepaniak redefine the notion that allergy-free means flavor-free.

About the Author

Vesanto Melina is a registered dietitian and co-author of The Food Allergy Survival Guide, Becoming Vegetarian, Becoming Vegan, Raising Vegetarian Children. She is co-author of the most recent Position Paper on Vegetarian Diets and coordinated the vegetarian section of the Manual of Clinical Dietetics, 6th Edition, both joint projects of the American Dietetic Association and dietitians of Canada. Dina Aronson is a registered dietitian and nationally recognized writer and speaker. Jo Stepaniak is the author of more than a dozen books and hundreds of articles on vegetarian cuisine and compassionate living.

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