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Double Energy Diet, The / Zucker, Judi & Shari

Double Energy Diet, The / Zucker, Judi & Shari

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Let the "Double Energy Twins" show you how to double your energy naturally. Judi and Shari present a new lifestyle guaranteed to help one lose fat, pounds, and inches, and easily keep extra pounds from sneaking back on. Their program helps you lose weight gradually and permanently while simultaneously boosting your energy with life enhancing natural foods. More than 70 flavorful, easy-to-prepare recipes will satisfy physical hunger and psychological cravings as well. Endorsed by doctors and fitness experts, The Double Energy Diet is based on smart, practical information that can improve your health and increase vitality.

About the Author

Twin sisters Shari and Judi Zucker have been known as the Double Energy Twins for their abundance of energy and vitality. Involved with the health food industry for years, Judi and Shari create and compile recipes for nutritious, low-fat, high fiber meals and teach natural foods cooking classes to adults and children. This is in addition to having successful careers in real estate and interior design. Both are married with families.

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