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Colon Health by Norman Walker

Colon Health by Norman Walker

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Raw-foods pioneer and best-selling author Norman Walker was passionate about the relationship between a healthy colon and a healthy body. Even though its one of the body's most vital organs, the colon is often ignored unless constipation, gas, colitis, or prostate trouble occur.
In this abridged version of his original work, Dr. Walker gives readers a tour of the large intestine and explains the intricate workings of our internal waste-disposal system and why proper maintenance is essential to optimal well-being. He also addresses the pros and cons of popular methods for cleansing the colon, such as cathartics, colonic irrigations, enemas, and laxatives. Through proper care of the colon, its possible to prevent and experience relief from not only constipation and digestive problems but also asthma, colds, allergies, and respiratory disorders.

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