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Natural Path Silver Wings

Colloidal Silver Dietary Supplement

Colloidal Silver Dietary Supplement

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Basic Colloidal Silver Information

Information about the ingredients...

  • What is colloidal silver? Properly prepared colloidal silver is a liquid mineral supplement, which is a mixture of ultra pure water and ultra fine particles of silver.
  • What is a colloid? With colloidal silver products, a colloid is 1-10 Nanometers (0.001-0.01 microns).
  • Many companies claim to have a true colloidal silver, but the silver particles are too large to be a colloid or too small (making it ionic instead of a colloid).
  • Natural Path/ Silver Wings’ colloidal silver is guaranteed to be a colloid. Our mean range is 2 Nanometers (0.002 microns).
  • How should you store colloidal silver? It should be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Our colloidal silver is guaranteed to be a pharmaceutical grade of colloidal silver (99.9%) , which stays in suspension indefinitely when stored properly. All colloidal silver should be stored in glass amber or dark glass bottles. It does not need to be refrigerated.
  • Natural Path/ Silver Wings’ colloidal silver is made with pharmaceutical grade deoinized water (ultra pure the highest grade of pure water).
  • As a rule, the higher concentration of colloidal silver, the darker the color of the solution– a dark yellow or brownish amber color being the highest quality.
How Natural Path/ Silver Wing’s colloidal silver is tested…
  • It is necessary for companies who manufacture colloidal silver to test every batch of their silver for consistency and to maintain accurate parts per million and particle size.
  • Our colloidal silver is tested for purity and efficacy with in-house lab testing and qualified third party independent laboratories for micron particle size, parts per million, particle conductivity and other analytical tests.
Research Studies
  • NPSW pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver is suggested and intended as a dietary mineral supplement for immune support purposes.
  • According to scientific literature, there are no known allergic reactions from the use of properly prepared colloidal silver.
  • Our products are backed by independent clinical, university and in-vitro studies.
Best Priced Colloidal Silver on the Market…
  • Natural Path/ Silver Wings’ colloidal silver is 50 times less expensive by potency compared to other colloidal silvers on the market.
  • Our colloidal silver has easy to dilute instructions (you can break it down to 10ppm).
  • We have the best priced colloidal silver on the market (more silver for your money).
  • Natural Path/Silver Wings’ colloidal silver is priced 25% less than the leading 10 PPM manufacturer (based on potency).
  • Other colloidal silver companies promote the idea that “10ppm is better”, but their dosage tells a different story.
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