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Celebrating Our Raw Nature / Dorit

Celebrating Our Raw Nature / Dorit

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Raw food is taking the country by storm! Celebrated for its rejuvenating effects and ability to enhance health, overcome disease, energize, and facilitate weight loss, a raw vegan lifestyle may very well be the cure-all and fountain of youth you are seeking. In this all-encompassing introduction to a raw vegan diet, raw food expert and chef Dorit teaches you how to prepare spectacular raw dishes for every meal of the day.

Celebrating Our Raw Nature is bursting with a huge assortment of options sure to suit any need or circumstance, including quick-and-easy meals, liquid meals, recipes for entertaining, and even recipes that children will not only love but can prepare for themselves. Regardless of your skill level in the kitchen, whether you're a novice or an expert, you'll discover plenty to inspire and delight and take your culinary talents to new heights.

About the Author

Dorit, a certified living foods chef, has garnered the endorsements of veterans of the raw food movement such as Steve Meyerowitz and Brian Clement. Through her classes and workshops, Dorit helps others learn to eat more naturally, seasonally, and consciously. 

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