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Whole Foods for Seniors / O'Bannon, Kathleen, CNC

Whole Foods for Seniors / O'Bannon, Kathleen, CNC

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It is never too late to start eating healthy. As author Kathleen O’Bannon, a senior herself, explains, you will quickly feel the benefits of eliminating processed, barely nutritious foods and replacing it with vital, living, whole foods. By embracing a whole foods diet, you will be relieved of complaints you might have come to accept as a normal part of aging, including the following:
•    Heartburn and acid reflux
•    High blood pressure
•    Diabetes
•    Constipation
•    Irritable bowel syndrome
•    Prostate problems
•    Menopause symptoms
•    Low blood sugar

Included in Whole Foods for Seniors are tips on how to incorporate a whole-foods diet into your lifestyle, information on what you’re missing if you don’t eat whole foods, and a detailed description of just what whole foods are. 

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