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Smoothie Power

Smoothie Power

  • $ 995

By Robert Oser

Product Description

The recipes in this book will provide you with the directions to create your own quick, delicious smoothies.  Using raw ingredients, natural sweeteners, nutritional supplements, and organic produce, you will be able to make smoothies for any occasion. Peach Cappucino Smoothie, Spicy Lassi, Hazelnut Torte Shake, Papaya Creamsicle Smoothie and Honeydew Mint Cooler are a few of the innovative recipes in this amazing collection of smoothies.

(Please Note: While this book is conducive to a vegetarian lifestyle, it contains recipes that list optional dairy products alongside their non-dairy alternatives, as well as a section titled, “Party & Holiday Shakes” that includes optional alcoholic beverages in some recipes.)

About the Author

Robert Oser is a chef, author, and musician living in Tucson, Arizona. Robert has taught classes in nutrition and vegetarian cooking through schools, churches, and community organizations for more than 17 years.

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