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Healthy and Beautiful with Coconut Oil

Healthy and Beautiful with Coconut Oil

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by Cynthia Holzapfel and Laura Holzapfel

Product Description

Coconut oil is the perfect choice for baking and frying because it doesn’t break down at high temperatures and won’t create harmful trans fats. It keeps cakes and pastries moist and fresh, making it the ideal replacement for hydrogenated oils. And it’s a tropical beauty secret too! Enjoy it in a selection of delicious recipes and experience its amazing health benefits, including:

• Helps prevent and reverse heart disease
• Won’t raise cholesterol levels
• Reduces inflammation and immune responses
• Boosts metabolism and enhances weight loss
• Soothes the digestive system
• Kills certain disease-causing germs
• Promotes beautiful hair and skin
• Protects against damage that causes aging

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