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Sproutman's Sprout Chart / Meyerowitz, Steve

Sproutman's Sprout Chart / Meyerowitz, Steve

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Sprouting Chart:

  • Variety-25 Delicious flavors & textures
  • Digestibility-Delicate Cell Walls
  • Economy-Sprouts multiply up to 15x their weight
  • Freshness-Living food brimming with vital enzymes and nutrients
  • Organic-No pesticides, herbicides, fumigants or fungicides
  • Recipes-Hundreds of recipes from soups to salads to breads
  • Nutritious-Peak point of a plant's nutrition
  • Year Round-Any season. Any climate. Any location.
  • How To Grow Sprouts and Seeds, —Soaking, —Rinsing, —Light, —Harvesting, —Storage, —Mixtures
  • Types of Sprouters, —Tray, —Jar, —Bag, —Tube, and —Automatic

A field guide to growing and eating sprouts. Just turn the wheel and dial up your favorite sprout. Includes growing information, taste, usage, harvest times, recipes, plus 37 photos! Hangs on a hook.