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Bueno Coffee Substitute, Creamy Hazelnut 7oz.

Bueno Coffee Substitute, Creamy Hazelnut 7oz.

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  • made from garbanzo beans (chick peas) 
  • grown in the USA
  • naturally caffeine free
  • contains no harmful acids
  • ground and ready to brew

This product contains natural hazelnut flavoring. NO Gluten, NO Soy, NON GMO. and heart healthy.

This coffee is good for the whole family and can be consumed day or night without disturbing your sleep.

Ingredients:  Simply Garbanzo Beans (Flavored Bueno contains natural favoring)

No artificial flavor                      100% natural

No artificial color                        100% caffeine free

No preservatives                       Gentle on the stomach

Gluten Free                                Tastes like coffee

Serving Size:  1 teaspoon (4 g.)  Makes 1 cup (6 oz.)

Servings per 7 oz. bag = 50

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