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By Jethro Kloss

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The scripture that says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge," is surely being fulfilled. But our loving heavenly Father sees the world's untold suffering and wretchedness, and He has made provision that if we use these things that He has provided they will surely bring relief. There are wonderful properties in trees, herbs, flowers, and roots, which the Holy Book says are for our medicine, and which are documented in the book. There are also wonderful life-giving properties in fruit, if properly eaten and not combined with certain other foods. Improper combination of foods causes fermentation and thus destroys their life-giving properties.

The following topics are covered in the book:

  • Natural Health
  • Herbs for Healthful Living
  • Treating Diseases with Herbs
  • Your Body and Its Needs
  • Food Preparation
  • Effects of Polluted and Adulterated Foods on the Body
  • Water and Good Health
  • Skills in Caring for the Sick

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